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Main Street Office Suites Staff


Main Street Office Suites’ main purpose is to assist our clients in the best way possible to acheive their business goals. By doing so, we have an amazing staff that will assist them to accomplish that goal. Connie O’Hara, one of our newest staff members. She joined our team in August 2017. Her background consist of 14 years of property management, customer service, and account receivable. She was born and rasied in Tualre County. She currently resides in Visalia, CA with her husband of 10 years, three children, and her dog, Mei Mei. On her spare time she enjoy DIY crafts, spending time with her family, and watching her favorite show “This is Us”. She believes cusotmer service is a way of life, not a job. Since joining our team Connie has improved our marketing resources, financials, and atomosphere in a more positive and productive way. We are excited to have her join our team. Her experience, skills, and friendly nature brings a new light to Main Street Office Suites. Make sure you stop by and say hello to her!



Main Street Office Suites provides virtual office spaces and full time office spaces. Our virtual office spaces allows our clients to conduct business in a professional environment starting as low as $10 per hour with no contract required. We have various of office spaces designed to fit your needs. You may book our conference rooms or office spaces by clicking the “Book A Space” button at he bottom of the page. Our full time office space required a signed 12 month lease. Our full time office space comes with additional benefits that will allow you to utilized all our services starting as low as $350 per month.

What makes us special is our Base Service Package. Our Base service Package includes all the esstientials you will need to grow your business as low as $50 per month. Our staff and services are here to assist you in reaching your company goal.

Professionalism: Why it is so important?

Professionalism is an important aspect of all levels of a company. Demostrating professionalism beneifits the company’s success, reputation, and morales. The ability to display professionalism is not required strictly to clients, but must be displayed at all time in your work and towards all individuals. Where business is performed plays an important role. When meeting with clients, employees, or conducting a meeting a coffee shop is not an ideal place to do so with all the traffic, loud noise, and distractions it can be overwhelming.

Main Street Office Suites offers day offices and conference rooms by the hour, half-day, and daily as needed. Our offices will allow you to conduct business, meet with clients, and have a meeting in a professional setting. Many of our offices and conference rooms vary in different sizes to fit your needs. Book Today!


Welcome New Tenant!

This March we welcomed QJM Mobile Notary as a new FULL TIME tenant. As owner and founder, Jenell Miller, established her company in January of 2012. She is now occupying our small office suite, measuring at 80 square feet, to conduct her business. Our small office suite is designed for a one desk operation with two client chairs. One of the perks mentioned from our tenant is the ability to professionally advertise her company logo and information on the exterior window of her office suites.

Welcome New Tenant!

We would like to welcome our newest tenant Modern Edge Insurance, Inc. They will be occupying our first largest administrive office in Suite F. All though we have tenants in the employment agency, real estate company, and many other catergories Mondern Edge Insurance Incorporation is a full line property, cauaslty and a health and disability insurance broker.