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Sierra Conference Room

Professionalism: Why it is so important?

Professionalism is an important aspect of all levels of a company. Demostrating professionalism beneifits the company’s success, reputation, and morales. The ability to display professionalism is not required strictly to clients, but must be displayed at all time in your work and towards all individuals. Where business is performed plays an important role. When meeting with clients, employees, or conducting a meeting a coffee shop is not an ideal place to do so with all the traffic, loud noise, and distractions it can be overwhelming.

Main Street Office Suites offers day offices and conference rooms by the hour, half-day, and daily as needed. Our offices will allow you to conduct business, meet with clients, and have a meeting in a professional setting. Many of our offices and conference rooms vary in different sizes to fit your needs. Book Today!


Suite 215

Welcome New Tenant!

This March we welcomed QJM Mobile Notary as a new FULL TIME tenant. As owner and founder, Jenell Miller, established her company in January of 2012. She is now occupying our small office suite, measuring at 80 square feet, to conduct her business. Our small office suite is designed for a one desk operation with two client chairs. One of the perks mentioned from our tenant is the ability to professionally advertise her company logo and information on the exterior window of her office suites.

Suite 206


A growing number of businesses are turning to the services of virtual office provider in a mission to either establish themselves, expand, impress clients, and/or to obtain a prestigious address without paying the prestigious rent.


Some of the benefits of a virtual office are:


No lease to sign. No obligation to schedule a cleaning service. No utilities cost. By using virtual office spaces as needed, employees can work from their own homes.




The sell to your employees is that they can now set their own working schedule. Where employees are not restricted to sitting at a desk by their computer from nine to five. Virtual office spaces will allow an employee to work around 11am, take a nap in the afternoon, then proceed with work until 10pm. It is much easier to scale a company when all-or most- employees work remotely. The ability to add 1,2, 20 employees in an instant and not worry about where they’ll sit or who will set up their computer or telephone.



Whether it’s an employee that’s happy to stay at home with their child and appreciate the flexibility, or the employee who enjoy the balance of a work schedule to allow them to nurture the health and well being of a family member. Everyone is much happier with the flexibility. While many companies have a free soda machine, a massage therapist who visits their office, those won’t come even close to the amount of happiness that comes from flexibility in hours and location.

  1. COST


As little as $55 per month any company can establish and conduct business at a virtual office space in ways they would if they were leasing an office for $700 per month. Cost of payroll declines due to lower pay rate, employees are accepting a less pay rate because it is saving them on gas, food, and time. Saving money each year not only for the company, but their employees.



Main Street Office Suites provides businesses with a receptionist guaranteed to respond promptly to all clients, staffs, and leads with professionalism and courtesy. At a fractional cost all services provided are to reach each individual company’s success.