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A growing number of businesses are turning to the services of virtual office provider in a mission to either establish themselves, expand, impress clients, and/or to obtain a prestigious address without paying the prestigious rent.


Some of the benefits of a virtual office are:


No lease to sign. No obligation to schedule a cleaning service. No utilities cost. By using virtual office spaces as needed, employees can work from their own homes.




The sell to your employees is that they can now set their own working schedule. Where employees are not restricted to sitting at a desk by their computer from nine to five. Virtual office spaces will allow an employee to work around 11am, take a nap in the afternoon, then proceed with work until 10pm. It is much easier to scale a company when all-or most- employees work remotely. The ability to add 1,2, 20 employees in an instant and not worry about where they’ll sit or who will set up their computer or telephone.



Whether it’s an employee that’s happy to stay at home with their child and appreciate the flexibility, or the employee who enjoy the balance of a work schedule to allow them to nurture the health and well being of a family member. Everyone is much happier with the flexibility. While many companies have a free soda machine, a massage therapist who visits their office, those won’t come even close to the amount of happiness that comes from flexibility in hours and location.

  1. COST


As little as $55 per month any company can establish and conduct business at a virtual office space in ways they would if they were leasing an office for $700 per month. Cost of payroll declines due to lower pay rate, employees are accepting a less pay rate because it is saving them on gas, food, and time. Saving money each year not only for the company, but their employees.



Main Street Office Suites provides businesses with a receptionist guaranteed to respond promptly to all clients, staffs, and leads with professionalism and courtesy. At a fractional cost all services provided are to reach each individual company’s success.

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Ouzounian Group has developed many Visalia, CA properties since 1975.

Currently, the Ouzounian Group manages approximately 48,000 square feet of regional retail buildings, 16, 000 square feet of office space, 27, 000 square feet of auto-related Service Commercial, and a 128,000 square foot Office Park Complex. A total of 219,000 square feet of property, all located in Visalia, California, are currently being managed.



Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions about Main Street Office Suites

Below we have a list of some questions that may be asked and our answers. If you don’t find an answer to your question here, please contact us directly during normal operating hours.

Q: What is Main Street Office Suites?

Main Street Office Suites is a property management company that offers unique ways of renting office space. Unlike other property management, we offer Virtual Office Space, Lease Office Space, and Base Service Packages under one building to allow companies to grow and become successful.

Q: What is a Virtual Office?

For those people who want a physical office space, cubicle, or conference room, on an “as needed” basis, we offer an affordable solution known as a Virtual Office. These spaces can be rented by the hour, half-day, or daily. You’re not locked into the full price of renting a permanent office space on a month-by-month basis if you don’t need it. Simply book and pay for the use of the office space, cubicle, and conference room. All of our office spaces are equipped with their own individual router and office furniture.

To get started, you would need to buy a Service Package from us, please see our Services page to get a list of what is included in the Base Service, and then you can begin booking the space.

Q: Do I have to buy a Package to use a space?

No. Right now you can book a space online without having to contact us or buy a service package. On our home page (bottom half) click on “Book A Space” and simply enter in the information for your booking.

Our Base Service Packages are offered for those seeking more than just using an office space or conference room for a few hours at a time.

Q: What is a Service Package?

We offer a variety of different features with our Base Service Packages which include mail receipt, business license hanging, use of our address for your business, etc. Base Service Package allows you to expand your business by obtaining a physical address at our office at a low monthly cost. No contract is required. We are here to assist you with your company’s success.

Q: What is the pricing for buying a Service Package?

All our pricing can be found under Services Packages. If you have any questions about the pricing, please contact us during normal business hours.

Q: I want more hours in a space than what comes with the Service Package I bought, what do I do?

Service Packages include hours in certain spaces.  Each service package explains the number of hours, types of rooms, and other features included with the monthly fee.   Additional hours will be billed by the hourly rate, half-day rate, or daily rate.

If you have found an error in the charge or invoice, please let us know immediately.

Q: What is my Customer Portal?

The Customer Portal is where you can update your information with us, ask questions, get support, and reserve one of our spaces. Also, you can view your account details, invoices, and pay all through your portal.

To receive your own customer portal, contact us and we will be able to assist you.

Q: I’ve forgotten my login information, what do I do?

If you’ve forgotten your password, please click on Client Login and click on Forgot Your Password to reset it. If you’ve forgotten your username, please contact us during our normal business hours.

Q: What if I’m having an issue with my Customer Portal or anything else?

You can contact us directly in person or through phone, e-mail, or our contact us page.

Please be aware that if you are contacting us outside of our normal business hours, any response will be delayed.

Q: Do you charge for the full hour(s) that I booked even if I didn’t use it all?

Unfortunately, yes. If the space was reserved to you for a certain amount of time for the day and you use it for less than what you booked, we will charge you the full amount for what was booked and not what was used. Cancellation or adjustment of reservation must done 24 hours prior to reserved time and date.

Q: How do I view any invoices or charges?

Please check your Customer Portal by logging in via the Quick Links on the bottom or Client Login at the top. If you dont have access to a Customer Portal, please contact us. We can send over a invoice via email, fax, or mail.

Q: If I want to use an amenity while there, when will you charge me?

Please let us know if you need something while here at the office. If you plan to use any of the amenities we offer, amenities charges will apply and payment will be taken after or at the end of your reservation.

Q: What forms of payment do you take and how can I pay an invoice?

We currently only take credit cards or debit for any services such as packages or use of our spaces. We require that we have a credit or debit card on file for anyone who makes use of our services.

You may pay online through your customer portal or call our office during normal operating hours.

Q: Where do I Book a Space for the day and time I want?

At the bottom of the website should be Quick Links. Under Quick Links, click on Book A Space and it will redirect you to the page. Click on the Book Now button of the space you want to reserve. If you have already bought a Service Package from us, you only need to log in after selecting the date and time you want from the calendar in Customer Portal.

Q: I was trying to Book a Space and I don’t know what Amenities I want to add, what should I do?

If you’re unsure about what amenities to include with your reservation, don’t worry. Don’t check any of the amenities and when you need anything while in the office, let us know and we will bill your account for any of the services you take advantage of while here.

Q: Do I need to check-in somewhere before I use the space?

No. You are not required to check in, but if you have any questions or concerns regarding your reservation we recommend that you arrive a few minutes prior to your reservation to speak to us in Suite B. Once you book our space, we will have the office space, cubicle, and/or conference room ready to be used. You will receive a reservation flyer with all information you will need to conduct business during your reserved time. We will have reservation signs throughout the building to direct you and/or your clients to the correct space.

Please note that parking around our building may be difficult to find during certain times of the day and you may be required to walk to the building. There are public all-day parking located behind the Well Fargo Parking Lot or the Vintage Press Parking Lot on West Street.

525 W. Main St. Suite B
Visalia, CA 93291

(559) 931-2090

9am – 5pm